Four Paws Disposal Unit Review

A very common question that I often asked myself after rescuing two one year old pups from a local rescue House Clearance group. We have a nice back yard, plenty of room and grass, and our dogs provide plenty of, ahem, fertilizer. We also garden and enjoy our back patio which caused a conflict. We did NOT want to be tracking through dog doo all the time.

First step was a good rake and scoop purchased at any corner pet store. Then the option was to bag it or compost it. Dog feces are NOT suitable for compost meant for gardening plants. So that option was out for us. Bagging dog doo got old really fast and the idea of piles of dog feces in plastic baggies at the local dump was not appealing at all. Enter the Four Paws Waste Manager Dog Waste Disposal System. We found both the kit and the tablet at a local hardware store, but have noticed it at pet stores as well.

I read the instruction, which were very clear (yea!), and put the kit together. The kit itself is made of a low-medium grade plastic but was durable enough to use a power screw driver on to put all the sides together. Total construction time was less than 20 minutes.

You then need to dig a hole to put the kit over. You WILL need a post hole digger, tried with a shovel and it just did not work. Our soil has a LOT of clay in it, so I I dug a good three feet beneath where the bottom of the kit would rest. Installed the kit, threw in some dog doo, a few enzyme tablets (I believe 6 are included in the kit, bottle sold separately) and some hot water to get it started.

Continued that process every few days, added the dog doo, a couple tablets, some hot water if needed, and...watched as a pile of dog doo sludge grew and grew until I had to begin bagging again. D'oh!

Many factors could have affected this outcome: the clay soil, cool temperatures, two dogs that poop A LOT, and perhaps not digging a deep enough hole. I do believe it can and would work in principal, but it did not work for me. After three months, I removed the kit, dumped the rest of the enzyme tablets in the sludge with some hot water, dumped some dirt on top and cover it with paving stones to keep my dogs from digging in it.

Final grade given the factors listed above: C

Pros: Easy to assemble, easy to use, does not smell.

Cons: Does not work well in all soils or with multiple dogs.

For a review on an alternative pet waste management system see my Doggie Doo Drain review.

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