Tarnished - Chapter 37 - Story

Viola receives some helping hands at her hour of need. If only they would stop acting so suspicious; maybe Viola would trust them? Or has the betrayal from her husband taught her that no one is trustworthy?

A while had passed without me even realizing it. I had been sitting on that bench all morning, with my head bowed down in between my hands. Silent as a tree; still as a statue.

A hand tapped my shoulder, my reflexes had been trained all weekend and now they were sharp. I shot my head up instantly and saw the old lady standing before me.

"Are you alright there dear?" Her voice was just as old as she was. She must have been around eighty; her face wrinkle-ridden and her upper body giving into her hunchback, making her nearly as tall as me sitting down.

I stared at her, dumbfounded.

She took a good look at me; she looked at my arms, my feet, my hair, my face, my neck... Eventually she looked back at my eyes. "Goodness dear... Whatever have you gone through?"

I continued to gape into her bewildered eyes. She was truly astonished. I looked down at my arms and feet, they were covered in cuts and bruises... I suddenly became aware of my swollen ankle. All of this trauma my body was suffering, and my mind hadn't even bothered notifying me of the pain.

"I think we better get you to the A&E." She began taking hold of my arms and tried pulling me up, off the bench. I was just as bewildered as her as I stood up and followed her to the edge of the pavement. She waved her arm around at a few taxis that ignored her. Finally a taxi man spotted us and after taking a good look at me, he pulled over, his tires screeching as they drew to a halt. He quickly got out of the driver's seat and walked around the car to assess me.

"Blimey! What's gone on 'ere then?" He drew his head back in surprise at the sight of me.

"I think this bird has been through something, kindly take her to accident and emergency will you?" The old lady didn't dither about.

The taxi man fell for her 'old lady' charm and quickly opened the passenger door for me. I stared from the taxi to the driver, to the old woman. I couldn't speak. I couldn't do anything. Soon he got tired of waiting and pulled me carefully into the backseat.

"Come on, there ya go... Easy does it..." He encouraged me as I put my feet in the car. He closed the door behind me and after conversing with the old woman again, he walked around the car to the driver's seat again.

The old woman tapped on the window and gave me a warm smile. "You're safe now, Viola." Then she waved as the car began driving away.

I stared back at her... I was still completely lost... Still completely...

The realization hit me and snapped me partially out of my trance. She knew my name... She called me Viola... How did she know my name? How did she know I was safe now? What was she referring to? Questions piled through my head as the taxi man took us onto the highway. I started seeing signs for the nearest hospital...

The taxi driver eyed me through his front mirror. "Are you alright? Can you speak?" He mouthed the words extra loudly and clearly, as if he thought I was from a different country and couldn't understand English.

I nodded. I still couldn't speak. The old woman had confused me even more than I already had been. I didn't even know the woman. I looked out of the window; we were speeding down the highway. I watched the roadside pass me by in a blur... What was I doing? I was going to hospital? I shook my head. What would they do to me there? What more did I have to go through?

I got lost in my thoughts and Korbin sprang to mind. My ovaries immediately churned and I felt a pain in my lower stomach. I rubbed my belly... Please... Not my period... Not my period... Not now.

Then the two pieces of my heart dropped together... Korbin had... Raped me... Twice...

What if... What if I got... He didn't even use protection... He didn't even give a second thought about it; he was so into the moment... What if I were...

Another pain shot through my uterus and immediately I sat back on the seat with relief. If my period wanted to come now, I would let it. I would rather have my period than...

My eyes were so sunken from crying already, another tear droplet wouldn't do much more. I wiped it quickly as I rubbed my belly and perused my daunting thoughts. What if I hadn't fallen down the stairs years ago... What if I hadn't had the miscarriage... What would I have done with my child after going through what I did this weekend? I couldn't imagine anything worse than having a child with Korbin. Not only did he not love me, not only did he now hate me... He was abusing my body too. Would a baby have stopped him?

Before I even knew the taxi had come to a stop, my door was opened for me and the taxi man was holding his hand out for me to take it. I gladly took it and practically stumbled out of the car. My ankle was weak, weaker than I had expected.

The taxi man walked me to the doors of the A&E building and after seeing that I was with a nurse, he bid his goodbye to me and walked back to his taxi. I thanked him quietly while the nurse took hold of my shoulders and walked me over to a wheelchair. Once I was seated, she placed her hand on the bottom of my face, holding my chin up high. She assessed the damage.

"What happened?" She asked, her voice was thin but I could sense the seriousness in it. "How did you get like this?"

I didn't respond. My mouth had given up, and my throat was still aching from screaming and shouting all weekend.

"Hmm? Can you hear me?" She asked, staring me in the eyes.

I nodded, blankly.

"Tell me what happened to you."

I stared, blankly.

She hesitated. "Do you not want to talk about it right now? Shall we wait till later?"

I nodded, blankly.

She nodded back. "I'm going to take you now to fix you up." She stood up straight and walked behind me, she began pushing me in the wheelchair. I let her. My heart had no interest in my body now. If one of my limbs were to be amputated I would have no interest. I just wanted to crawl into a cave and lay there for the rest of my life, where Korbin couldn't find me. Where no one could find me.

We entered a ward where there were a few beds. Some were occupied by people being surrounded by nurses and some were not. She wheeled me over to a vacant bed, and helped me stand up and sit down on it.

"Okay, let's take a look at you." She pulled the curtain around my bed and helped me take my white shirt and linen trousers off.

She looked at me, alarmed as she spotted blood in my shorts. I wasn't as alarmed as I was relieved. At least I was still responsible for just me.

She began placing ice on some of my bruises. She bandaged up a few of my cuts and then asked me to roll my vest up slightly so she could see my torso. I shook my head at her, but she pressed on, telling me it was standard procedure. I grudgingly did it. Her eyes widened as she looked at my breasts and stomach. I looked down at them and saw my ribs poking out. I hadn't eaten properly for two days. I swallowed as I saw the bruises formed from Korbin's kisses which surrounded my womanly areas. The nurse rolled the tops of my shorts down slightly to reveal some finger marks on my hips.

She stared into my eyes, half-gasping and half-crying. "What has happened to you, you poor girl?"

I stared at her blankly.

She took hold of my shoulders and shook me slightly. "You have to tell me! I have to hear it from your mouth! If you tell me what happened I can go to the police about it and I can help you! But they won't believe me unless you say it! It has to be you who says it! So say it!"

I looked at her eager face. She wanted to help me. She knew I had been a victim. It was written all over my body. It didn't take a degree in medicine to discover that I had been sexually abused amongst other things, all weekend.

She started searching the rest of my body; her eyes drew close to my wrists and ankles. She circled the bruises that traveled all the way around them. I remembered the feeling of them being tied up with the lace. She then focused on my swollen ankle. She rearranged my body's posture so that my foot was now up on the bed.

"Looks like you've got a slight sprain." She turned her attention back to my eyes. "Please. Tell me. You don't need to be scared, I'm going to help you, please tell me what he did to you Viola."

I froze. She froze. She covered her mouth as if she was thinking: Oops.

She knew my name? She knew it as well? How did she know my name? What was going on here? First the old lady and now this nurse? I'd never met them in my life! They'd never even been my clients! My heart pounded in my chest as she continued to speak.

"Please, I can help you. I can call the police right now and ask them to come and see you here." She looked at me sympathetically. "You've suffered haven't you?"

I stared at her, scared. Scared about what I had been through. Scared about why she knew my name, and scared about the future.

She shook my shoulders again. "If you don't tell me I can't help you! I have to write this down in your records! I can help you, just tell me! I beg you, I can help you!"

I didn't want to tell her anything. I did not trust her. I didn't trust anybody. The person I trusted least of all... Was myself. I had been an idiot all my life. I should have known Korbin did not love me the first time he laid a finger on me. That first night we had gone out for dinner and he slapped me. I should have realized then. That man did not love me. The truth was; he had never loved me. I was just a part of his game. I was a key player, and I was blind of this fact. This weekend signified the ending of my role in his game. I was no longer needed in his game. He no longer wanted me to be a part of his game.

The two pieces of my heart ripped each other apart. I should have left the minute he told me he didn't want me anymore. The minute Graceanna had walked into my mansion, I should have known. This whole weekend was my own fault, for staying around. What was I hoping to achieve by staying? Was I secretly hoping that he would change his mind? Was I secretly hoping that he would turn around and say he was sorry, and that he wanted me back? As if that would ever happen; I saw it all before my eyes. It all came back full circle... This weekend was his way of showing me that he could demolish my role in his game. This whole weekend was his way of showing me that I had been his fool for years.

I blinked a couple of times and looked around me. The nurse wasn't here anymore... Had I faded out in my thoughts? I looked around some more... She wasn't anywhere.

Just as well; I was so unimportant in the grand scheme of things that even the nurse had given up on me. I was so pathetic that even she didn't really want to help me. I felt something surrounding my swollen ankle. Looking down, I realized it had been heavily bandaged up. I twirled it around a bit, only to feel excruciating pain. My uterus then responded by giving me the same amount of pain.

The nurse suddenly reappeared in the ward and walked straight over to me.

"I will ask you one more time dear." She swallowed, calmly. "Do you have anything to tell me? Would you like to report anything?"

Did I want to tell her? Did I want to report anything? How could I? How did I know I could trust this woman? The way she had been acting... I couldn't trust her at all. I couldn't trust anybody.

She sighed. "Well then... You're free. Nothing too seriously wrong with you, although you've started your menstrual cycle." She reached into a side cabinet draw that was sitting next to the bed and pulled out a packet of sanitary towels. "These should last you a while." She handed them to me.

I put them in my briefcase, silently, and then allowed her to help me dress myself in my white shirt and linen trousers once more. After which she resumed her speech.

"Tell me your full name; I need you to sign a few forms before you leave... To prove that you were here today." She eyed me, cautiously.

I stared at her; I wasn't going to tell her anything.

She sighed again. "Okay, if you'd prefer, I'll go and get the forms now, and bring them back here. Then you can just write your name on there... You won't have to tell me directly. Would that be easier?"

I thought for a moment... I had no interest in her medical forms... I did not trust her. I did not trust this hospital. They didn't need any information about me; it was my ankle, not theirs.

I shook my head quickly, and she smiled, leaving the ward once more to fetch the papers.

I took my opportunity. I plopped quickly down off of the bed, and limped fast out of the ward. I hid behind pillars and other people as I limped down the corridor. Soon I came out in the open waiting area of A&E. My heart was pounding, but Airport Transfer Luton I continued my limping to the automatic sliding exit doors... I caught a few of the nurses' eyes, but I didn't let it stop me from limping out of the exit doors. I had to get away; I had to get out of here. I didn't want to be around people.

I had to get away.

To be continued...


Hello readers!

As a few of you know, I have had chickenpox. I would have posted at least two chapters last week but I was really sick and therefore I had to take a break from writing and University as well! Which was a huge shame! I don't really know how often I'll be posting chapters; it might be everyday or possibly once a week, depending on where I am at University. So don't be getting upset with me for not posting please, as I have warned you in advance!


Lucy - After everything he put her through; there's almost something sad about the way they parted, isn't there? Thanks for asking questions; it shows me what affects my story is having, and through this I am shown which path I need the next few chapters to take. Thanks for the comment and thanks for always reading.

Graceanna - My long-lasting tip to you about writing conflicting emotions would be; to get involved with the emotions. Connect with what you are writing so that you almost momentarily feel what the characters are feeling. If you connect with your story, and the characters within, half of the battle is over. I'm sure you're a great writer. Thanks a lot for the comment and thanks for reading! Also thanks for letting me use your name in my story.

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Sasha - I understand your 'torn' feeling about Korbin; on one hand I've painted him out to be the complete criminal - and on the other, he's just as much of a victim as Viola. You'll see exactly what I mean by that in a few chapters time! *Sighs with you* Time will tell how all of these events link to Viola being in prison now. Thanks for the great comment, support and for reading!

Ishaqzaade - You will still see me, I'll still be here, just won't be as frequent as past postings. Do you think she's going to call the police now? Where do you think she's headed? Does she trust anyone? Much love, thanks for the comment and thanks for reading!

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