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There are many people on the case of the kitten killer right now and many more that are behind the scenes. RESCUE INK has been investigating information and a Facebook page has been researching information as well. RESCUE INK has a $5,000 reward for information about the kitten killer that leads to an arrest and conviction. Also the Barbi Twins has been actively involved helping both groups. The Barbi Twins released this statement, "Rescue Ink did tremendous footwork to crack this case, but they have to cooperate with the authorities because of the seriousness of the other crimes involved with the kitten killer."They are putting their animal activist resources to work on this case, as they want to see counselling herfordshire justice for these two kitties. RESCUE INK has released this statement, "As the investigation of the "KITTEN KILLER" has progressed more information has come to light. The investigation has revealed that this person has committed more heinous crimes. In order to ensure that the individual involved in these appalling acts and others, RESCUE INK has decided to turn over our evidence to the authorities that would cover this persons geographical area in witch the crimes were committed."It is with the help of many people as well as many Facebook patrons that have come to one conclusion - Luka Magnotta (many other names as noted on Negotiation Is Over) seems to be the one in the pictures with the kittens and is possibly in the horrible video of the kittens being tortured and killed.

Luka was born as Eric Clinton Newman around July 24, 1984 or 1983 depending upon what site you look at. It has been reported that Luka Magnotta, while living with his dad and step-mom was sexually molested by his step mother. She was noted as being a cougar that went after him. This seems to be the start of creating an emotional unstable person. Luka Magnotta has been somewhat in the lime light for years but not for good. He is only known for his bisexual porn movies, modeling career, and his involvement with Karla Homolka, which is labeled a "serial killer" and went to prison for 12 years in Canada with her ex-husband. Luka was a porn actor for years and made his way into movies; he also modeled for several places and has been around the world in the process. Luka has been involved in drugs and was so bad in 2007 during an interview with the Toronto Sun that they stated "The young man was groggy and shaking as he spoke....We offered to get him some medical help but he declined." Luka has been know for his partying and such and getting out of control. There is always an issue where he goes and no one seems to like him for what he has done. When living in a Toronto neighborhood, they tried to get him to move since he was a porn star and they did not want him around their families. He had apparently served time for his role in the beating of a man in 2002, as reported by David Abbrams. With this kind of life hiding seems to come naturally for him. He has been living in Toronto, France, Russia and many other places but as of last he seems to be in the Miami, FL area.

This is where it gets confusing, in September 2010 in a post on the Miami-Dade City-Data site, he claims he lives in Russia and wants to move to Miami, FL but other posts starting in August 2010 he claims he is already living in Miami, FL. Then another in August 2010 he claims to be living in Miami but moving to Russia. He also frequents the gay posting sites and is posting he lives in Miami and looking for some fun. Here he has posted in August 2010 and December 2010. as being in Miami with his partner. His involvement with Karla Homolka, or Leanne Teale, is that they are partners and possibly were living in the Bahamas. With all the jumping around of he is living here, he is living there, it would make one wonder just exactly where he is and why so many lies. Is he just trying to cover himself for what he wanted to do, kill with no trail? Was he trying to establish himself somewhere else so when the video of the kitten killings came out he could not be associated with it? It would raise the question of just how evil does his mind actually work. Would someone go through so much trouble? It appears so.

Based upon photos from the videos and pictures of the kitten killer to those of Luka, it does appear to be the same person. Same face, same hair, same wolf blanket and so on. After an interview was done with him by another source he stated he was being framed by a stalker. It just seems like another great way to try to throw people off the scent of the real killer. That is what pure evil does. They create another person to take the blame as they cannot see they have done anything wrong. To them they do no wrong, they see it as no problem. This was a quote from NowPublic from Luka, "Peoples opinions of me don't matter, it's my life and I'll live it according to me, in the end, in 100 years, no one will remember who (screwed) who, you only live once, don't let what others think influence you. Don't be a coward and conform to the status quo." Here he clearly tells the world, he does not care of the things in which he does nor will he ever. Seeing him lying there next to the poor helpless kittens with the face of evil is truly a face that most people will not forget. In the photos of the kittens after they were killed, he truly shows us his demented side while making the kittens perform sexual acts on him. Just how far has his evil side gone? How far will it go? Hopefully the authorities that have the information will be able to track him down and charge him for the horrible crimes in which he has committed and soon.

If you have seen Luka Magnotta or know exactly where he is, contact RESCUE INK and let them know where you saw him. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

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